The Impossible Dream | PART TWO

There it was. Our dream staring us in the face.

We named our place The Wellness Lounge and had created a slogan, of sorts. Inspiring health + empowering communities. It just felt so right. We just needed a building, and were beginning to feel a little impatient. We knew God had called us. And that He would come through. But when?

Here’s what I know to be true. When you follow Jesus, you see over and over (and over) again that He proves Himself faithful. You doubt Him (because life is hard, and you are human). And then He shows up in the midst of your hot mess and once again, you say God you are so GOOD.

You trust Him because He said He will never fail you. And He never has. And you believe that He’s God and that He’ll do what He says He will. But still, when life gets scary or hard or frustrating. You know. Old habits.

This is a pattern that keeps repeating itself in my life. You would think I would learn. 😉

Here’s what happened next…

One of us texted the others and randomly said, “Hey! Should we check out the building next door to Bluclover? Isn’t that for rent soon?”

The owners of that sweet little shop in downtown Lebanon are friends of ours, and we thought it would be dreamy to be next door to them. It didn’t really seem like the right fit. Too big maybe. Likely too expensive. Maybe not divided up how we needed it to be. But we wanted to check it out anyway.

We scheduled a meeting with the owner and a tour. We walked in the front door, and look at what was staring us in the face right when we walked in…

The Lounge.

The Wellness Lounge.

There was our sign. OUR SIGN. Our sign that God is faithful.

That He knows us inside and out. That He longs to give us the desires of our hearts. That He created us to do big things and to lean on Him when it’s hard to see what lies ahead.

We rented the space.

We bought the sign (right off the wall). And you better believe it’s staying right there, where it’s always been.

Meant to be. Meant for us. Meant for our community.

God is so faithful, friends. He always has been, and He always will be. My whole life, in every way, He’s always one step ahead of me, beckoning me to give Him all of my trust.

And I will. Again. 😉



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