Our Grand Opening is in TWO days! Take a look at what we’ve been up to…

Eeeeeek! It’s almost time!

Our GRAND OPENING is this Saturday, May 5th from 10-5. It’s going to be a blast, if we do say so ourselves! 🙂

Here’s a little sneak peek of what we’ve been up to…

Stocking our shelves with pretty bottles…

Filling our bookshelves with loads of resources…


Putting all the goodies on the food shelves…

What’s next on our to-do list, you ask?

➕ finish stocking the shelves with essential oils and accessories
➕ fill our freezer with local, pastured chicken, pork, beef and eggs
➕ print allllllll the stickers and labels
➕ set up the coffee maker and Berkey water filter (we’re selling them, too!)
➕ buy all the pretty green plants
➕ hang the shelves (who needs a level when it’s almost go time?! 🤷🏼‍♀️)
➕think about YOU and all the things we can’t wait to show you 🤗🙌🏼

Come celebrate with us this Saturday and check out the new shop on the block!

🌿First 100 CUSTOMERS get a freebie (we can’t tell you what it is, but we know you’ll like it)!
🌿Scratch off discount cards for everyone that comes!
🌿FREE tastings of several of our products!
🌿There’s something for everyone!
🌿Ribbon cutting ceremony at 5pm!

Looking forward to seeing you there, friends!

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