Cleansing Tips

We just partnered with The Green Farm Juicery – as in you can get their fresh, raw, cold-pressed juices in our shop! Stop in and grab one or order your own (even create your own cleanse!) on our site and pick up IN OUR SHOP!!

At the Green Farm Juicery, we specialize in organic, raw cold-pressed juices. Did you know that up to four pounds of fresh fruits and vegetables goes into one bottle of our juice? It would be next to impossible to eat and digest that much kale in one sitting! When that much produce is juiced, you will benefit from all the vitamins, minerals and living enzymes that will instantly nourish and rebuild the body’s cells! Juicing boosts the immune system and will help you look and feel amazing from the inside out!


These cleansing tips are straight from the Green Farm Juicery’s recommendations!

Before Cleansing

For the best results, try to cut down on caffeine, processed foods, sugar, and alcohol two to three days prior to the cleanse. Increase your intake of vegetables and fruit.

During Cleansing

The Green Farm has designed our cleanse to be simple and easy to follow. Each day you will consume on juice approximately every 2 hours, in the specified order (1-6). Remember to drink plenty of water or herbal tea throughout the day to further support the flushing of your system and aim for 30 minutes of non-vigourous exercise daily.

After Cleansing

You have rebooted your system and it feels great! Make sure you ease your body back into eating solid whole foods. Continue your path to more conscious living by incorporating daily juicing.

Note: We are not doctors and we are not offering medical advice nor do we offer medically supervised cleanses. If you are taking prescription medication or have a medical condition you should consult your doctor before consuming products. Many of our products contain nuts, seeds and herbs. If you have an allergy to nuts, seeds, herbs, fruits, vegetables, seaweed, spices, or wheat you should not consume our products.


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