We’re now a local CSA pickup!

Have you been wanting fresh, organically-grown food straight from your local farm? Well, we have some good news for you!

We’re now a local CSA pickup location! We’ve partnered with The Farm On Central and we’re giddy about it!

Pssssst –> there are organically grown, BEAUTIFUL strawberries in this week’s box! We’ve heard that they’re the best you’ve ever tasted!


We’re the Kilpatrick family, and we love growing nutrient-dense, safe food for you and your family. It’s important to us that we eat what we grow, so that means we grow our food without harmful pesticides, herbicides, or fungicides. To make sure our fruits, vegetables, mushrooms, and transplants are as good as they can be, we use compost, rock dusts, and prebiotics to fuel the soil, encourage beneficial insects, bees, and earthworm habitat, and work with nature to produce the best food possible!

You can read more about the Kilpatricks << HERE >>


Here the gist:

1) Sign up for a biweekly box.
2) Customize your box + swap items if you want!
3) Pick up your box at The Wellness Lounge every other Thursday between 1-7pm.
4) Unpack your bag and get cookin’ – if you need inspiration, check their Facebook group and newsletter for recipes to try!
Go to their web site HERE and follow the instructions!

And HERE is a helpful video that walks you through how to sign up.

Each farm box is $28.95, and you’ll be getting a farm box every other week. There is a $5 delivery fee for each box. If 20 people to sign up, the delivery fee will be waived.

When you sign up, you’ll be paying for 4 deliveries at a time. Each time a delivery is made, your credits will be deducted from the 4 (this will make better sense when you watch the video). 

One feature that we LOVE about this CSA is that you can exchange out things you don’t want in your box and add in extra things that you do want. 

The first delivery will be Thursday, May 18th, and will be every other Thursday after that date.

What was in our box this week: strawberries, salad mix, turnips, garlic and cilantro! We swapped the turnips and garlic for microgreens and protein microgreens. Isn’t it great we have the ability to swap things out?!

Thank you for being here as we learn + grow together. We will forever be grateful that we get to do what we do!

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