How to minimize the effects of chlorine from swimming pools

Let’s talk about chlorine!⁣

But first, we feel this is important to say: Spending time swimming and enjoying family + friends is much more important than the risk + health effects of chlorine. BUT as with everything, knowledge is power.⁣

Chlorine keeps pool water safe from bacteria + algae, but too much chlorine exposure can create the potential for health problems.⁣

The chlorine you smell at the pool isn’t actually chlorine – it’s a combination of chemicals that form when chlorine mixes with sweat, urine, body care products + dirt from bodies, called chloramines. It’s these chloramines that seem to be the main culprits that can contribute to health issues.⁣

Here are some detox protocols you can put into play before + after you swim to help expedite the removal and damage caused by chlorinated water.


Shower BEFORE getting into the pool to hydrate the skin with clean water so less of the chlorinated water gets absorbed. Showering also removes sweat which mixes with chlorine to create chloramines (that do the damage).

Shower immediately AFTER you swim to remove chlorine from skin + hair.


Iodine is great at detoxifying your body from chlorine. With adequate iodine intake, it will flood the cell receptors so chlorine is more easily excreted from the body.

And taking iodine before swimming can help prevent chlorine from attaching to the cell receptors.

You can find Lugol’s Iodine at our shop (we love this for kids since it’s a liquid!), as well as Standard Process’ Prolamine Iodine.


1) SUPPLEMENT WITH VITAMIN C ORALLY (the whole Vitamin C molecule, not ascorbic acid).

Vitamin C is an antioxidant that can help prevent damage associated with glutathione depletion related to chlorine exposure.


When you spray on Vitamin C, it neutralizes chlorine by forming hydrochloric acid + dehydroascorbic acid, destroying the harmful toxin.

You can find Standard Process’ Cataplex C, as well as Nature’s Sunshine Vitamin C at our shop. You can also find ascorbic acid + spray bottles on our shelves to create your Vitamin C swim spray.


Happy swimming, friends!

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