Essential oils and this new toxic-free lifestyle you may hear us talk about, can be very overwhelming! What do I even do with them? How do I get started? Don’t you worry, friends! When you take that step in purchasing a starter kit because you are serious in making better choices for you and your family, we take that step with you!

We’re here for you!

We like to call ourselves a community. We’re like one big oily family. 🙂

Whether you have health goals, financial goals, whatever it may be, we’re here to make sure you’re successful in reaching those goals! There is never pressure to sell anything after you get your kit. If you want to join our community and purchase oils, but never sell a thing, that’s completely fine! There’s a seat for everyone at this oily table. 😉


•• w e l c o m e   k i t // happy mail headed your way! We’ll send out a welcome kit to you filled with lots of goodies + info to get you going on this oily adventure!
•• s o c i a l   m e d i a // you will also get a Facebook/Instagram friend request from us + will be added to our private Facebook groups
•• r e s o u r c e s // our team has lots of resources for you: whether you are here to just love your oils and oily products or if you decide to pursue the business aspect of Young Living, we have resources for you!

// lets do this together //
C L I C K   H E R E
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