Lifestyles of the Healthy + Well | essential oils edition

Have you heard this statement before? ➡️ “You’re either feeding disease or fighting it.” It’s true. And what makes the biggest difference in your health?! It’s the small choices you make every single day. It may seem overwhelming, but it doesn't have to be! Let us teach you the basics. We’ll learn about simple, budget

Top Homeopathic Remedies You Shouldn’t Be Without!

Come get a sneak peek of homeopathy and what our full day Homeopathic Intensive class (in October) will be like!! Leslies favorite homeopathy stories and the remedies she used! Ones you shouldn't be without!! FREE CLASS!

Strengthening Your Immune System

Join Amy Prestridge, Certified Holistic Health Practitioner, as she offers insight as to what you can do to strengthen your immune system.  Learn what lifestyle choices will help make your body as healthy as possible.  How does stress affect your immune system?  What practices can contribute to a healthy immune system?  Why is it important? 

Chiropractic Care

Learn why chiropractic care is fundamental for your overall wellness. Dr. Ryan Berlin from Align Chiropractic will be here to answer all your questions!

Strengthening Your Immunity

Sharing is caring...but not when it comes to germs and sickness! Come learn some easy ways to strengthen your immune system and keep it strong during this winter season! It is possible to get through these months without OTC meds and all the things that load your body with toxins. There are several essential oils

All About Tinctures + Elixirs

Our resident herbalist: Lindsay Hastings will be teaching us all the things! What are they? How do we use them? How do we make them? What makes them different? Come ready to learn and make your own to take home!! Grab your ticket to save your spot!! cost $20 - covers all materials used in


Homeopathy 101

Saturday October 23 | 9a-3p Leslie Josephson, pharmacist + homeopath, is teaching a 6-hour class on homeopathy! Grab your ticket!! ABOUT THE HOMEOPATHY Her class will help you learn to use homeopathic remedies to treat yourself, your pets, plants + family, easy and i expensively. You can do this yourself! Homeopathy is a 200-year old


Maybe you don’t have to “gluten free”!

Our Father's Foods presents their grains, production process, and how they provide healthy grains to NOURISH PEOPLE TO REGAIN GOOD HEALTH They will share stories and testimonies of people who could not eat wheat and now can due to their patented grain process. Their discussion will also include an overview and use of each of

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