One of our biggest missions is this: to create access to healthy, local food in a way that honors land and labor.

There are probably as many reasons to shop at your small town health food store as there are shoppers.

One person likes the sweet, fresh, organic fruit. Another seeks food for her child’s strict food allergies. A third wants to keep her food budget local by purchasing produce grown on area farms.

At The Wellness Lounge, we focus on offering a broad range of groceries, with an emphasis on natural, organic, local and fairly traded item

IN A NUTSHELL: We give our community access to local, natural, organic, non-GMO products and wholesome foods while supporting our local farmers and producers.

Here’s what we offer —> natural and local meats; fresh, sustainably-fished seafood; bulk dry goods, baking needs, and snacks; bulk herbs & spices; body care with ingredient lists you can feel good about; vitamins and supplements; gluten-free foods; and vegetarian/vegan products.

By choosing local products, you are helping people to help themselves, build stronger, more resilient communities, and strengthen local economies. And that, friends, is what it’s all about!