Linda McCord

Linda McCord is Biofeedback Specialist and Trained in Bioenergetic Kinesiology.
She is offering LIFE System Biofeedback Sessions.

The L.I.F.E. Professional Biofeedback System is a highly acclaimed 21st-Century brain entrainment technology. It combines traditional concepts of biofeedback with science and technology, and is designed to scan the entire biofield of the body to evaluate and assist in releasing thousands of stress configurations causing illnesses in the brain, body and mind.

To Schedule:

Call or text: 513-302-2007

2023 Services + Pricing:

New Client Session with Biofeedback (75 minutes): $125
Follow up Biofeedback (60 minutes): $95
Follow up Biofeedback for children: $85
Follow up Biofeedback for pets: $85