Hey there! I’m Christi. So nice to meet you.

I‘m a wannabe farmer, (recovering) perfectionist and mom to 4. I’ve been married for 20 years to the sweetest man on earth. Also, he still puts toothpaste on my toothbrush for me. I know, I know. I’m totally spoiled.

Most days you’ll find me wrangling my kids while rockin’ a headband and messy bun. I’ll be diffusing calming oils (because kids) while heading to warm up my coffee for the 17th time.

People often refer to me as a gullible dreamer and a spreader of kindness. I love people and I love relationships. Obsessed with: sprinkled donuts (it’s all about balance, friends!), my pet pig Tucker and the color yellow.

I love Jesus more than oils and coffee (and that’s a LOT). Life experience has taught me that He is the remedy. Every day, for everything I face, He is always the remedy.

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I’m a mom to two amazing boys. I love Jesus, a cabin in the woods (or on a lake – I’m not picky!) and being in the mountains. Oh, and chocolate. If you want to know the way to my heart, bring me some chocolate.

If we could chat, I would tell you that I dream of my (one day!) life as a homesteader. When I pull out my pressure canner and jars, my husband jokes and says I was born a century too late. 

Tending to my garden while the sun is shining and and the breeze is blowing is where I’m the happiest. Catch me outside, and you might just hear me humming a happy tune.

I love to be busy, and I work best under pressure. I’m known to be a bit competitive, so challenge me to something, and it’s game on. That’s right. And I’ll beat you. 😉 

My biggest passion? To see people live (and I mean really LIVE) their best life!

Favorite Young Living Product: Peppermint Essential Oil

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Heyyy there friend! Jayme here. So, a little about me: I’m a girl mom times four. Give me Jesus! Also, please send coffee! (I actually love having all girls!! And Daddy does too! He is the king around here!) 

I love making memories with my family, even just simple ones like riding our bikes to the ice cream shop in the summer! 

Much like my personality, I love all things black and white. My perfect Saturday would be sleeping in, waking up to a box full of delicious donuts and fresh brewed coffee, and sitting in front of the fire…dreamy! My life motto is “Let’s Stay Home!” – and I try to abide by that as often as I can! 🙂

I’m on a mission to help other busy mommas like myself make better choices for them and their families! I got your back!!


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